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Microtubes for blood tests to minimize the volume

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* Comparison between ordinary tubes and microtubes

We use microtubes for blood tests to minimize the volume of withdrawing blood in Sanggye Paik Hospital. The microtubes enable decrease of amount of blood withdrawn by 1/2-1/5 when compared to the ordinary tests. For instance, only 4.1 mL of blood is needed for regular preoperative test including 10 general tests, 2 coagulation tests, 45 biochemistry tests, and 5 serologic tests when using microtubes, while 15.2 mL is withdrawn for ordinary preoperative test. It is highly required to minimize the amount of blood loss especially before an operative procedure of bloodless management and microtube is an excellent answer for reaching this goal and eventually reducing the risk of operation in this specific group of patients.

Test No. of tubes Type of tubes Ordinary volume withdrawn (mL) Volume withdrawn by microtube (mL)
General tests (10) 1 EDTA 3.0 0.5
Coagulation tests (2) 1 Sod. citrate 2.7 1.8
Biochemistry test (45) 1 PST 4.5 0.8
Cardiac tests (3) 1 PST 4.5 0.8
Osmol test 1 PST 2.0 0.6
BNP test 1 EDTA 3.0 0.6
Toxo IgM, Herpes IgM 1 SST 5.0 1.0
17α-OH Progesterone 1 SST 5.0 1.0

Tae Hee Han M.D. Ph.D.
Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital
Dept. of Laboratory Medicine
1342 Dongilro Nowon-gu Seoul 139-707 Korea

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