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Bloodless Medicine for Religion


*Please register in the desk of CBMS for electric medical recordings and a letter of attorney.
*Electric registration facilitates recognition by house staffs.
*Jehovah's Witnesses will be discounted by 10% for MRI, Ultrasound, PET , and fee for selected doctor ( exclusive in Korea insurance system ) on admission.

Liability waiver for bloodless medicine and surgery

Please inform the CBMS coordinator if an operation was recommended by your physician. You should sign on the consent form and liability waiver one day prior to the surgery .

♥ Please consent if you agree to use of minor blood fraction products such as albumin or extracorporeal circulation according to your conscience. The physician might refuse treatment in case of disagreement between you and your companion/guardian.

Minor blood fraction products and extracorporeal circulation

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● Minor blood fraction products
( contain protein that extracted from blood and not classified as blood-derived product )

· Albimin : used for production or absorption disorders from hepatic disease, hemorrhagic burn, renal insufficiency, and opration
· Globulin : hepatitis B vaccine, antivenom, or passive immunity injections such as RhoGam
· Clotting factors : used for hereditary blood clotting factor deficiency
· Interferon : used to treat hepatitis type C
· Interleukin : for anticancer agents

● Extracorporeal circulation

· Intraoperative blood recovery : collection blood from during surgery and reinfusion to him/herself
· Hemodilution : withdrawal of blood, dilution and reinfusion after the surgery
· Cardiopulmonary bypass
· Hemodialysis
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