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Outpatient Clinic

A.You may reserve a session by phone or web.
B. If you want a reservation on site, please visit Center for CBMS on the first floor.
C. During the session, please inform the physician that you do not want blood transfusion and ask if bloodless or suegery is possible for you.
D. Please inquire the Center for CBMS in case you have a question otherwise.

Emergency Center Transportation

A. Please contact hot-lines to check if intensive care unit, artificial respiratory machine, or emergency operation is available.
B. Please acknowledge the nurse in the emergency room that you do not want transfusions.
C. If yoy are referred from other hospital, please submit a referral form, medical certificate, and reports from laboratory test, imaging studies. It will boost the process of taking care of you.

♥The physician might refuse treatment in case of disagreement on the issue of bloodless medicine between you and your companion/guardian

Working Hours

Hot-Line for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery patient
< Daytime >

Center for CBMS - Next to the information desk on the first floor
Tel: +82-2-950-1166,1500
Fax: +82-2-950-1499

< Night >

Emergency Center
Tel : +82-2-950-1119,+82-10-8023-3004( exclusive for bloodless emergency )

Additional Resources for Clinicians

This collection of research papers features information on Medicine and Surgery, Pediatrics, Diseases and Conditions and Bioethics and Law .

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